The ISYMP board is genuinely committed to the vision of building a sustainable world and share a belief that education and empowerment of youth plays a pivotal role in achieving that vision.

Anders Wijkman – Chairman
Chairman of the Board Club of Rome, Board member IIIEE at Lund
University, Sweden. Read more about Mr. Wijkman.

Carl Foung – Executive member of the board
Founder of the Young Masters Programme and ISYMP

Tony Clark – Board member
Ministry of Environment, Sweden

Thomas B Johansson – Board member
Professor of energy systems analysis, IIIEE at Lund University, Sweden
and Senior Advisor on Energy and Climate Change to the United Nations Development Programme /UNDP.

Lena Neij – Board Member
Director, IIIEE at Lund University

The YMP Foundation HQ is situated at IIIEE, Lund University, Sweden